Base 200ml - DIY4EVER
  • Base 200ml - DIY4EVER

Base 200ml - DIY4EVER

This kit contains one 200ml botte filled with 170ml of base, and 3 N+ 20mg boosters. By mixing the N+ boosters with the base, you will get a 3mg nicotine base.

A neutral unsweetened 20% PG and 80% VG base sold by bottle of 120ml. Making DIY recipes with this base will not alter the flavours for optimum results.

E-liquids base:
Vegetable Propylene Glycol (max. 20%), Vegetable Glycerin (max. 80%)
120ml with tamperband, childproof lock, tactile warning triangle on label (if containing nicotine), ingredients, Best-before date, batch number
VG & PG Ratio
Nicotine Strength
Tax included